Endless applications

How it works

Where BARRI®NUT systems are proving to be most useful is in a multitude of industries for bespoke securing solutions including, fencing, prison grills, CCTV cameras, also securing public assets like inspection hatches, signage and many other applications where security is paramount.

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Street signs

The application of BARRI®NUT to street signs prevents theft. City councils find it a cost saving device, as they do not have to replace street signs as frequently

Warning Lamps

In a similar way, warning lamps can be protected against the theft of the globes, by securing the frame with the BARRI®NUT

Solar panels

Solar panels are expensive items. They can be secured by the BARRI®NUT to prevent theft.


The BARRI®NUT can be used as a simple solution to locking gates. It’s also useful to secure hinges of gates.

Manhole covers

In these instances the BARRI®NUT can be applied to prevent access to manholes.

Jail security

The BARRI®NUT is currently being used by many Australian and overseas jails for various applications where security is paramount.